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Guard Assisted Assassination on Majd Addin

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For this I couldn't get the target to fight any guard attacking me, and the guards in this mission are recognized as regular Saracens, preventing fight between them and other Saracen guards.

So then I resorted to starting a fight between another type of mission based guard (the one outside of Talal's warehouse) and other guards. This meant pushing him all the way to the execution area. Luckily Majd Addin goes into fight mode after seeing other guards fighting.

If you aren't aware of how guards fight each other in AC1, watch this video.

To make things easier, I took out most of his health with throwing knives. The guards in the immediate area are all low level and can't perform combos, counters or grabs, which are the only way to hurt targets and Templars. So you'll need to run around and find higher level guards to fight him until he dies.

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MLG countering skills on display at around 3:05. Big smile

Good to see another AC1 video from you. Smile


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