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Manhunt tricks and an amusing video..

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Well I hope ya'll enjoy, here's a few tricks that will keep you alive in Manhunt, plus it's a mildly amusing video that I think people will appreciate the music at least -lol-


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Thanks for sharing your new video. I fixed the embedding. Click "Edit" to see what I did or read this tutorial. You could go bigger (640x385) if you like.

The best way to get a multiplayer video promoted to the front page is to narrate it. Explain your tricks: what they accomplish, when they work and when they may not work. Here's a good example of that type of video for AC:R Manhunt:

If narration isn't your thing, the next best thing is YouTube annotations. Perhaps highlight your target and put a notation about how you tricked him. At a minimum, you could write up a text explanation below the video. I don't play much multiplayer so it's hard for me to appreciate good gameplay without some sort of context.

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What's your gamertag? Is is just obsidianbull?

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