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Ownage in the Vault

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For the setup before this watch the original video. It demonstrated how to disarm Rodrigo of the papal staff.

After disarming Rodrigo keep the heavy weapon and staff where you can use them again. Take down the target's health as usual, and after the scene open the trapdoor to the vault. Now go back and get a guard to fight you (if you start from any checkpoint after opening the door into the building the guards won't appear in that area). Disarm the guard to make him pick up the heavy weapon, and pick up the staff right afterward.

Fighting Rodrigo with a Weapon
Now here is where the fun begins. Get the guard close to the edge of the pit. During the following scene with Rodrigo you can briefly see the guard. When the fight begins get where the guard will see you. Now here's a glitch in the combat system: Heavy weapons can be disarmed when you only have the option to counter with fists. This was originally discovered in this video.
After Rodrigo gets to one block of health it won't go down lower than that.

Here's another way to equip a different weapon other than your fists in the final fight with Rodrigo: Allow Rodrigo to kill you, and in the loading screen hold down the weapon wheel button. All weapons will be available to select. Afterward the weapon wheel will have most weapons unavailable. Here are the results of the different weapons you select:
1. Hidden Blade- Probably the fastest way to take down Rodrigo's health. Since he doesn't have a weapon he can't block your attacks.
2. Throwing Knives- Even though they appear to take down the target's health, they don't. You still have to punch him a bunch of times. Puzzled
3. Hidden Gun- You will automatically switch back to fists after equipping this.
4. Poison- Nothing happens when you push Armed hand . Quest
5. Smoke bombs- Pressing Armed hand will have you punch instead of throwing a smoke bomb.

Messing with the Scene with Minerva
After the fight you can mess with the scene inside the secret vault. The scene won't make you anonymous, and because of that the guard will still try to fight you. His attacks go right through you, but there is a way to change that. If he is holding a long weapon (in this case the papal staff) he will perform the special attack every so often. Doing so will have Ezio stand up, unaffected by the scene, and he can be attacked.

Here's another thing. There's a chance that Minerva might be in the range of the special attack of the long weapon, in which case she gets knocked down. Laughing out loud

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Believe it or not, Minerva getting owned was an accident. When I discovered the guard continues to fight you during the scene and his attacks go through you, I thought it would look cool if he was holding the papal staff. When she first unexpectedly got knocked down I literally laughed out loud. It took several tries to get that to happen again because the guard usually uses the special attack early, and Ezio gets moved away from Minerva (one time Ezio got knocked down while holding the apple to Minerva. I shouldn't have deleted that). Since it took so many times to try, I considered giving up trying, but decided people needed to see that and posted Silent Worship Shortcut in the meantime. And good thing I did, can't believe I got so many comments just on that. Star

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LMAO! The part with Minerva is funny considering she is supposed to be a hologram. Laughing out loud

Well done!

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Jedted wrote:
The part with Minerva is funny considering she is supposed to be a hologram.

"Your kind struggled to understand our existence. We were more advanced... *OOF*"

You won't even feel the blade.

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LMAO I love that! That was hilarious and clever (as always).

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Aurel, if your videos get any more amazing you will achieve apotheosis and ascend to a higher plane and we won't be able to hang around with you any more.

Kidding! Big smile Keep 'em coming!

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Great video as usual. Minerva being knocked down was brilliant. I am still unable to fathom how you guys come up with these video ideas.

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So not only Ezio survive a 3 story plunge without rolling, but he can even attack holograms with their own weapons?

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Technically, I think it's the guard attacking Minerva.

She's just in the danger zone as Ezio is getting constantly attacked in the cutscene.

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Laughed out loud when Minerva got knocked over. Good job!


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Knock down Minerva... Epic, Aurel, epic.