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You've Forced My Hand (and Blade) - Edward Braddock Mini-Variety Pack
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Sat down today trying to come up with some fun things to do with Edward Braddock. This video has three different assassinations. I call it a Mini variety pack, not because there's not enough, but because there is an obvious missing that I was not able to accomplish in 20+ tries.

Braddock Doesn't Fight Like a Bulldog... - Nothing special about this one. It's a basic chase after the Bulldog with no weapon equipped. Haytham hip-checks Braddock and he dies instantly. I thought someone with a nickname of Bulldog would fight a little better than that.

Braddock's Swirly - In this assassination, Haytham plays bully to his old friend and dunks him under the water. I guess Braddock can't hold his breath, as Haytham drowns him. The only way to get to him while he's still in the water is to call a horse. You have to stay within 50m of Braddock before desyncing... and I was close in this play through. (Yes, I know this isn't death by water, but rather death from his skull crushing into the ground).

Eagle Strike - This one took some set up. First, you need to break Braddock's AI. To do this, simply do a "gentle push" on him at the end of the chase. This will cause him to think he's a regular soldier and he will chase you. Now you run to the cliffs. Once you break Braddock's line of sight and return to incognito mode, he has a case of waypoint separation and stands still. From here you can push him into position for the Eagle Strike. Yes, this counts as an Eagle Strike - if you miss the cliff, you die.

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The Templars' Early Deaths in Infiltrating Southgate
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Early Deaths
After reaching southgate, your five Templar allies each go to a predetermined spot. Once they reach it, they stay there until the next part of the memory. Moving them isn't any trouble since they don't bother to move after that. So I move them all to the docks. The idea was to kill them all in one swift move using a horse. However I didn't move them close enough to the edge for fear of accidentally pushing them off the edge.

Conversations with the Templars
Haytham's Templar allies each blend in with some guards before the fight. While blending they have a conversation with the guards. Their entire conversations were put in the video to keep it short.
Thomas Hickey: Has a conversation with a group by the docks.
Benjamin Church: Has a conversation with a group by the general you have the option of killing.
William Johnson: Has a conversation with a group near the outer part of the camp.
Charles Lee: Has a conversation with a group near the middle of the camp.
John Pitcairn: Has a brief conversation with two guards by the outhouse. I didn't include his conversation because of some problems I was having, but you can hear him in the background of another one of the conversations, "stop slouching, soldier".

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Fort Division Assassination Variety Pack

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The fastest way I was able to liberate the fort. Luckily there is no restricted area in the place, which makes stealth a whole lot easier. Start off by using the fast travel station in the northeast part of New York (sure beats having to run all the way there). After that move along the wall until you reach the low hanging beams. You can reach the one on the right by either running up the wall under it or running up the wall beside it and kicking to the side. Keep moving forward along the wall and turn left. Run straight ahead to destroy the powder reserve. Head back the way you came. Once you are back on the beam, run up the wall and kick to the left to reach the cannon above. From here you can shoot the fort's captain, who is patrolling below on his horse (shooting with a bow is a little slower, but doesn't attract as much attention). As it just so happens, the flag you need to lower is right in that area. I could have done this several seconds faster, but it didn't need to be perfect.

Air Assassination and Stunt
The highest spot in the fort is the top of the flag pole. Yes, you can climb up it. In the captain's travel route there is a spot where he can be air assassinated. Lock onto him to avoid accidentally air assassinating one of the nearby guards. The cool thing about this is that by the time you've killed him his horse turns the corner, keeping you anonymous from the nearby guards. The stunt assassination is basically the same concept, except you manually jump in his direction and assassinate him off his horse right when you hit the ground.

Colonial Reinforcements
Colonial soldiers (blue coats) and British soldiers (red coats) attack each other on sight. I use that to my advantage by having the captain killed by the opposing side. For that you need to be detected by the captain first. Being detected will alert the nearby enemies, so it would be wise to take some of them out first. Then lead the captain to the cannon previously shown in the video. If you can get him on it he may jump to the lower beam, then to the ground. Since the captain can easily defeat soldiers without dying, disarm him to change the odds. The soldiers in question are at the fast travel entrance. Now here's the thing: When you reach them while in open conflict, they start to attack you. So I had to kill them afterward.

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Assassin's Creed: Warrior Concerto

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Hey guys, back again after some time with something to contribute! I feel like I always have to come to this community first for sharing any AC related work. I did it with Beautiful Lies and W.A.R and the response was great. I hope you like this one as well.


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Hostile Negotiations Eagle Strike and Early Death

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Eagle Strike

Start off by taking a fast stealthy path. Run to the left of the docks (shallow water, no swimming necessary). One of the guards there can see me, but you don't have to worry about getting into open conflict. After that continue forward, keeping to the edge of the restricted area. After climbing up a cliff turn right along the edge. Running up the low hanging tree will lead you to the cliff where the scene starts. There are two guards patrolling, so wait until their backs are turned (or just double kill them) to get past anonymously. If you are aiming for full synch, go behind the house right behind William Johnson, or skip the cinematic.

For the Eagle Strike climb the house in front of you and wait for the scene to end (if you skip the cinematic or start from the last checkpoint you spawn at a default location). The setup after the scene allows you to stay on the roof until the assassination. Shoot the two previously mentioned patrolling guards with the bow (guns will alert all the enemies in the area, which can ruin the assassination). You being detected will cause the target to flee. Wait until he reaches the right place to perform the Eagle Strike.

Now for the kill itself. From standing on the roof a fall to the ground below the cliff is high enough to cause death. Most of the cliff is just far enough away that you can't jump past the edge, but luckily a small part of it is closer.

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William Johnson: Dynamic Human Bait

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The goal here was to assassinate William Johnson by bear while he was still running. Thus Dynamic Human Bait. It was more challenging than anticipated because there are two time requirements:

  1. You have approximately 2:30 to assassinate Johnson or enter Open Conflict. Otherwise it says, "Ally Died: Desynchronized".
  2. It takes little more than a minute for Johnson to run down to the dock and cower.

The bear walks slowly. If you play your cards right, you have 3:30 to find the bear and slow walk him over to Johnson's escape road. The key is to aggravate the guards on the dock at the proper moment (and to remain Anonymous up until that point). It starts with a brazen escape past four guards at the respawn point. As long as you give them a wide berth and don't do any free-running, they will yell at Connor but not enter Open Conflict. If they do enter Open Conflict then it's too late. Johnson starts running for the dock.

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Hostile Negotiations: Full Sync and Firecracker

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Firecracker Assassination

I placed William Johnson at the end of the dock by first using Rope Dart and then bumping him into position while carrying a Powder Keg. To move him with Rope Dart just tap Head button. Connor will not kill him unless you are standing close together (or you accidentally drag Johnson over a Trip Mine). My thought was that if the explosion didn't kill him then falling into water would.

It turns out that the explosion does indeed kill the target. I have confirmed this result on dry land. When Double McStab with Cheese experimented with this style of assassination he reported that Johnson was moved but not killed. The difference must be the proximity of Connor to the target. I wanted a clear shot to the first Powder Keg and a good view of the assassination, so I arranged the Powder Kegs and Trip Mines in a semicircle around a high vantage point. The maximum distance between Powder Kegs seems to be about 8 walking paces for Connor.

Full Sync

The requirements for 100% Synchronization are:
1. Reach Johnson Undetected (both before and after the "Are you threatening us?" cutscene)
2. Limit Native American casualties - 0/1
3. Perform a swan dive to escape

If you skip the cutscene or reload from last checkpoint, it places Connor a distance north of the Johnson House, even if you approached from the south. This got me thinking that there must be a viable approach from the north. That's when I discovered this route which essentially goes up the face of a cliff. The first time you come this way you will find a feather on the log at 2:03.

One good thing about this route is that you encounter few guards. I chose to stealth assassinate the first one at 2:30 so that his body would distract the second one (visible on the left at 2:33). If you just try to run past the second guard you will usually get a brief SSI indicator, blowing an otherwise ghost run.

The air assassination from the roof of Johnson House is standard. There are several places to perform a swan dive to escape. I chose one that is easily accessible but often overlooked. It plunges Connor into shallow water just off the beach with two guards.

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The Templars' Early Deaths in The Braddock Expedition
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The Braddock Expedition
The Braddock Expedition is the third and last memory of sequence three. I will focus at the beginning, when you ride with your allies. Their names from front to back are:

Spoiler: Highlight to view
Benjamin Church - killed in sequence 9
Thomas Hickey - killed in sequence 8
William Johnson - killed in sequence 6
John Pitcairn - killed in sequence 7

Early Deaths
Killing these targets early depends on them riding their horses. You can move the horses by riding a horse by them (if you get directly behind them you can make them move from as far as about fifteen to twenty feet away). Now since the targets themselves are invincible, it prevents you from pulling off easy deaths. You can shoot at them with range weapons, which are ineffective. They will counter any attempts to tackle them off their horses. However the horses they ride on can be shot. Shooting the horse will cause it to fall, dismounting the rider.

Since water is the only thing that kills characters, even invincible ones (in a sense), that is what I need to use. Here are the results of my attempts to move the targets into water.

For one of them, I moved his horse onto a cliff and shot it. The target fell onto a lower cliff. I was able to slowly move the target off the cliff by attempting to tackle him. Moving the horse at him also seemed to move him, although not as effectively. After that he fell off, but the water wasn't deep enough to drown him. After moving him further with a bunch of tackles, I accidentally discovered that you can move him while swimming (collision mechanics must be different while swimming, which is understandable). For the other targets I simply led them to a lake shore and shot their horse, causing them to fall into the water.

I also included the database entries for the targets as proof of their identities.

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Thomas Hickey Dies Where He Stands
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Spoiler Warning for those who didn't complete sequence eight.

An Average Day in the life of a Prisoner
Some humor earlier in the sequence. During the time you eavesdrop on a conversation in the cell, there are two objects you can interact with (besides the wall and bed, which are required). You can knock on the cell door, which gets a reaction from a guard. There's also a bucket by the bed (to eat from?).

Avoiding a fight
Rather than directly attack one of the prisoner targets, go to a corner and whistle. This will get their attention. You have the ability to use your fists only when in the area where they were originally standing, so lure one back to that area (make sure none of them are nearby when you knock him out, or you might desynch). When the fight starts, they are out of the ring of people, past an invisible barrier. You have to restart the checkpoint to get farther in the game.

After escaping the gallows, climb back on stage. The hood Charles Lee put on you is still there, hovering in midair. It won't be there if you restart the checkpoint.

Thomas Hickey
I tried performing a stylish kill on the target, but never had enough time (either he kills all of George Washington's bodyguards, or they kill him). However I got lucky enough for a running civilian to bump into him when he barely started moving. This allowed me to kill him where he pretty much was.

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The Showdown with Daniel Cross
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Spoiler Warning for those that haven't done the second and third Desmond missions.
Daniel Cross appears in all three missions. Here's the most creative video I could make concerning him.

Stealth Knockout
In the second mission, when Desmond runs into Daniel, a chase starts, followed by a fight. A way to do this stealthfully would be to hide in the tall grass nearby. You can't do this while seen, so hide behind an object, in this case a tree, to block your enemies' line of sight. You may have to leave the room first if you are unsuccessful. Now just wait for the enemies to give up searching for you.

I also managed to record a glitch. There's a chance Daniel might search for you past the boundary of the place (invisible barrier at the end where the thick crowds are). I tried an air assassination and fell through the floor.

Starting from the checkpoint after Daniel crashed through a window, you're forced to chase him. The fastest way I managed was to air assassinate him after he swings from the bar and gets in a standing position.
Other possible faster ways:
1. Somehow catch up to him and knock him off, where he will fall to his death. Seeing you're about as fast as him, you would probably have to get lucky.
2. Jump straight to the ground and run to where he will land after swinging from the last bar. I haven't been able to get there fast enough.

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