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New Man in Town Assassination Variety Pack
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Early Death
The Borgia captain appears at the beginning of the memory, but memory walls prevent you from getting to him. So hire a group of mercenaries, get as far into the memory wall as you can without desynchronizing, and send the mercenaries on a patrol of guards that walk around that area when you get the chance. If they fight close enough to the Borgia captain, he will join the fight and hopefully get killed. An easier way to do this is to first start the mission. The memory wall is no longer there, but there is a distance limit from Machiavelli. Move him closer to the captain's location and run there (Machiavelli stops moving when you are a certain distance from him). Now you can kill the Borgia captain like you normally would during the mission.

Result of the Early Death
What happens if you kill the captain early? The game recognizes the Borgia captain getting killed, and you can complete the memory normally. After the cutscene prior to the assassination the next cutscene starts (exactly the way it happened in the video, none of that was edited).

The fastest way to get the target as far as I know is to run directly to him. It's a bit harder that it looks in the video. First, there might be some civilians in the way, which messes up the blitz. The other hard part is at the end. You want to run in between the posted guard and the wall. Now for whether the blitz is anonymous. When I get to the target, his SSI arrow is completely red, but I still appear to be anonymous. During the kill animation the arrow disappears, but I'm detected. I think the blitz was anonymous.

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Silvestro Sabbatini - Assassination Variety Pack

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Drowning the boy does not stop him from crying, and you can still initiate the cutscene after he's gone. This grab-move exploit was originally reported by aurllcooljay. Both he and I independently managed to kill this boy in this way. This is the first published video of a child dying in the Assassin's Creed series.

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Ercole Massimo - The Da Vinci Disappearance

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A Splitting Headache - Pre-assassination
This clip is related to the "Migraine Collection", where Cesare Borgia is killed by a thrown heavy weapon before the developers had intended his scripted death. In the case of Ercole Massimo, the developers had intended for you to fight past a group of Hermeticists in a pit, and then assassinate a cowering Ercole in an uninspiring, scripted kill. That's too boring for The Hidden Blade...

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Blitz on Cesare Borgia

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Here is something I did in order to help for a speedrun of the game. It appears that the knives are the fastest method, but a hidden gun shot is faster than 2 knives, so use 14 knives + 1 hidden gun shot is the fastest. I don't use the crossbow (too low damage) or knives AFTER something else because it takes some time to put a weapon back in the belt.

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Between a Rock and a Hard Place Assassination Variety Pack
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The mission Between a Rock and a Hard Place is a story mission in sequence 3 memory 2. In it you destroy a Borgia tower and renovate the mercenaries headquarters. It starts out with a Borgia captain running away to the tower. You have to kill him before he reaches it or you fail the mission. All in all this mission seems better designed than some of the main assassinations. Here are some creative assassinations.

Longshot: I try to kill the target from as far away as possible with the hidden gun (the game doesn't track how far away he is from you so I put a map marker on him). Usually the mission desynchronizes at fifty meters, but sometimes it can go one or two more meters without desynchronizing. In the video he is exactly fifty meters away when I shoot, then fifty two meters right afterward.

Dynamic Stunt: I run ahead and wait at the edge of a cliff for the target. When he passes by I jump off and assassinate him. I'm careful to stay within forty nine meters so that the mission doesn't fail.

Mini Air Assassination Stunt: Very similar to the dynamic stunt. I wait on the top of the corner railing for the target (sorry that a tree blocks view of Ezio). I jump to the platform of a lift and perform a mini air assassination when the target is in range.

Tripwire: Since the target takes a predictable path there are many opportunities to get him with manually aiming the hidden gun in his path. I choose to get him at the very end of his path, at the entrance of the tower.

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Serial Offender Assassination Variety Pack
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The Serial Offender mission is a memory where you assassinate a doctor. This memory is part of the storyline in sequence four. After the scene that starts the mission the doctor appears in place in front of a doctor shop. He just stands there and won't move unless you either do the mission the way it was intended by following where the courtesans are pointing or locking on to him. I'm not the first person to have discovered this, but I did discover it independently.

The Fast Route: This is the quickest way to assassinate the target. Dougie's lightning It can probably be done a little faster, but I was just showing an example.

Tripwire: For this you want the target to run a certain route. I lock on to him from the opposite direction to make him run there. When he starts running climb up the building but don't run ahead of him or he will turn back. I aim from a small platform (since the gun is level to the target's head the timing has to be just right).

49 Meters: The mission desynchronizes at fifty meters, so I get a long shot with the hidden gun. I climb to the top of a high building to get a clear view of the target (because if there is anything blocking the targets view the shot misses).

Stunts: I perform two stunts, one near where I perform the tripwire assassination, and the other from the same building where I did the 49 meter shot (during that I accidentally jump in a haystack).

Poetic Justice in the Form of a Mysterious Death: A mysterious death is very easy for this mission, but I did it mostly for the sake of poetic justice. I tried to increase the challenge by being notorious. I also took the same path that I took for the fast route instead of taking a route that would have avoided any enemies. It's poetic justice because of how I used a doctor's tool against the doctor. I purposely used up all my poisons so that I would have to buy the poison from the doctor standing behind the target (yes yes, it looks like I bought the poison from the target himself). Cash

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The Horse Exploit on the Baron and the Funny Scene Afterwards
[From the forums - stabguy]

The horse exploit is a broken timeline exploit in Assassin's Creed Brotherhood. You may have noticed some things in the game like how it keeps track of how much ammo your ranged weapons have, and also when you replay memories you seem to have a different weapon equipped. It's because the game keeps track of these things when it auto saves.

The horse exploit allows you to start the checkpoint of the mission on a horse. To do this get on a horse when you have to assassinate the Baron and have it auto save (it auto saves when you fail the five minute full synchronization). Then get detected to restart from the last checkpoint and you will appear on a horse! I show a blitz using the horse. This isn't the fastest possible assassination, just an example. It might be possible to do a super fast blitz by using a ranged weapon on the horse since you are able to aim above the stairs while riding it. However I haven't been able to kill the Baron like that, especially since it's hard to aim manually while on the horse. If it is possible the Baron can be killed in just a few seconds.

I also show something funny afterward. The hostage can have a heavy or long weapon in her during the scene after the assassination. First distract the Baron with a smoke bomb or money, then equip the weapon, hold down the Armed hand button, call assassin recruits or arrow storm, then let go of the Armed hand button right before the Baron dies. You'll likely hear the sound of the weapon hitting someone when this works. Make sure the hostage is between you two or you might accidentally throw the weapon at the Baron. Now enjoy the hilarity with a whole scene of an impaled character. Afterward the weapon falls to the ground when she disappears.

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Cesare Borgia - The Migraine Collection

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Since thrown heavy weapons cause instant death, the developers intentionally made Cesare impervious to this type of attack in combat. Thrown heavy weapons bounce off of him and then fall to the ground. You can circumvent this when you are not in open combat with Cesare, which happens automatically if you are more than 15 meters away from him. Thankfully, there's just enough room on the castle wall to pull this off.

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Templar Agent: Firing Range Variety Pack.

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ive always wanted to do a variety pack, and here it is!! Give me some feedback as its my first variety pack, and im pretty proud of it

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Baron de Valois - Assassination Variety Pack

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Anonymous Blitz
Move quickly between pillars so that guards cannot see you continuously. This buys you a few precious moments to approach the Baron for the kill.

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