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Long shot

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"Honor, Lost and Won" - Stunts & Observations

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I knew a same theme on this forums, but I always unable to watch it, and I don't know what's differences between my video and that one. So I decided to make this.

In addition, I have tried many times Long Shot, which has a very close, but I messed up because I forgot to taken his health to a minimum, so that shot is not enough to kill him.

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Juan Borgia The Banker's Early Death
[Front-paged by stabguy]

Early Death
After the Banker appears in the memory he walks to the party. He can be scared into running away. Chase after him for a good distance. When you get within a few meters he stops. The target is supposed to teleport in place for the scene, but since you are so far away from the scene location he doesn't (probably because the party area isn't modeled in the game from being so far away). Now the only way to kill him is moving him into water. He falls nearly two hundred meters. Here's the thing: If you get about sixty meters away from him horizontally you desynchronize with "target lost". There are probably a few reasons why that's so, but in any case you don't desynch directly from killing him, making it a successful Early Death.

A Hole in One
This took a long time to perform right. Tired Start off by stealthily killing the guards in the area. Then throw their bodies to the ground below to lead to the well nearby.
Now place the target at ground level, as was shown in a previous video, where he can be lured by the dead bodies.
Having the target follow the bodies is tricky. He doesn't seem to notice some of them that much, might have to do with distance and object modeling (or he just takes too long to inspect the bodies). Now for the assassination. A fatally high jump from the top of the nearby pillar will have you safely land in the well to ledge assassinate the Banker. This is A Hole in One, loosely related to Eagle Strike.
It was pioneered by IanXO4.
And used as an assassination style by Stabguy.

I had intended to lure the Banker using dead bodies, but instead chose the easier way of moving him. At the start of the assassination quickly stealth kill all guards that could expose you during the setup. For a short while the Banker is unresponsive and can't detect you. You can grab him without being exposed. Move him to the place shown and release him. You'll need to use a smoke bomb or two to keep him in place long enough to lock onto him. Quickly kill off the archers that can see you and lock onto the target. The distance you desynch at is sixty meters. There is a brief moment before you desynch, so you might succeed at sixty meters, but in this setup from where Ezio is standing the farthest distance the target got was fifty nine meters.

At the beginning of the assassination quickly climb up the roof of the building and kill the archer. Then run off the corner and assassinate the target. If I remember right I got this the first time I tried it. But in this video it happened a little different. In the original try I landed right behind him. But in here I landed to the side of him (good thing I locked on). In both cases I got the stationary high profile animation.

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Silvestro Sabbatini - Assassination Variety Pack

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Drowning the boy does not stop him from crying, and you can still initiate the cutscene after he's gone. This grab-move exploit was originally reported by aurllcooljay. Both he and I independently managed to kill this boy in this way. This is the first published video of a child dying in the Assassin's Creed series.

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Between a Rock and a Hard Place Assassination Variety Pack
[Belatedly front-paged by stabguy]

The mission Between a Rock and a Hard Place is a story mission in sequence 3 memory 2. In it you destroy a Borgia tower and renovate the mercenaries headquarters. It starts out with a Borgia captain running away to the tower. You have to kill him before he reaches it or you fail the mission. All in all this mission seems better designed than some of the main assassinations. Here are some creative assassinations.

Longshot: I try to kill the target from as far away as possible with the hidden gun (the game doesn't track how far away he is from you so I put a map marker on him). Usually the mission desynchronizes at fifty meters, but sometimes it can go one or two more meters without desynchronizing. In the video he is exactly fifty meters away when I shoot, then fifty two meters right afterward.

Dynamic Stunt: I run ahead and wait at the edge of a cliff for the target. When he passes by I jump off and assassinate him. I'm careful to stay within forty nine meters so that the mission doesn't fail.

Mini Air Assassination Stunt: Very similar to the dynamic stunt. I wait on the top of the corner railing for the target (sorry that a tree blocks view of Ezio). I jump to the platform of a lift and perform a mini air assassination when the target is in range.

Tripwire: Since the target takes a predictable path there are many opportunities to get him with manually aiming the hidden gun in his path. I choose to get him at the very end of his path, at the entrance of the tower.

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Serial Offender Assassination Variety Pack
[Front-paged by stabguy]

The Serial Offender mission is a memory where you assassinate a doctor. This memory is part of the storyline in sequence four. After the scene that starts the mission the doctor appears in place in front of a doctor shop. He just stands there and won't move unless you either do the mission the way it was intended by following where the courtesans are pointing or locking on to him. I'm not the first person to have discovered this, but I did discover it independently.

The Fast Route: This is the quickest way to assassinate the target. Dougie's lightning It can probably be done a little faster, but I was just showing an example.

Tripwire: For this you want the target to run a certain route. I lock on to him from the opposite direction to make him run there. When he starts running climb up the building but don't run ahead of him or he will turn back. I aim from a small platform (since the gun is level to the target's head the timing has to be just right).

49 Meters: The mission desynchronizes at fifty meters, so I get a long shot with the hidden gun. I climb to the top of a high building to get a clear view of the target (because if there is anything blocking the targets view the shot misses).

Stunts: I perform two stunts, one near where I perform the tripwire assassination, and the other from the same building where I did the 49 meter shot (during that I accidentally jump in a haystack).

Poetic Justice in the Form of a Mysterious Death: A mysterious death is very easy for this mission, but I did it mostly for the sake of poetic justice. I tried to increase the challenge by being notorious. I also took the same path that I took for the fast route instead of taking a route that would have avoided any enemies. It's poetic justice because of how I used a doctor's tool against the doctor. I purposely used up all my poisons so that I would have to buy the poison from the doctor standing behind the target (yes yes, it looks like I bought the poison from the target himself). Cash

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Down To Earth Assassination Variety Pack
[Front-paged by stabguy]

Down To Earth is a templar agent mission where you go after a woman's husband who pushes people off rooftops. The target runs away as soon as you are able to lock onto him.

Tripwire and easter egg: For my first assassination I show an easter egg, a dead body placed next to a building (presumably pushed off the building by the target). For the tripwire assassination I climb up the awning on the building. Then I move the camera to face the target who starts to run away (Ezio doesn't move at all during this) and bring out my gun. From where you are the target will jump right in front of you, landing on the tripwire. Laughing out loud

Kill him where he is: For this assassination I'm on a building that's level with the target's. Then I move the left analog stick in his direction and throw knives manually. The target doesn't die until after he falls. Also since he isn't considered a target yet the memory corridor is skipped but you still complete the mission.

49 Meters: At 50 meters from the target you fail the mission. I manipulate the target's flee route so that I can get a clear shot at him with the hidden gun before it desynchronizes.

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