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Laurens Prins Assassination Variety Pack

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Surprise, everyone! I finally got to playing Black Flags.

Early Death

Shortly before the assassination you tail the target on an eavesdropping mission. Right before the scene at the end you have a chance of killing both Prins and Torres (who I believe to also be a target in the game, although I haven't gotten that far yet) in a double air assassination.

It's a bit tricky since there are a couple of brutes right there, plus you don't want to do anything that would interrupt the conversation or the scene might start before the end of the conversation which would make predicting the time the scene starts impossible. Sleep darts help in keeping them at bay, but don't use beserk darts since that would draw their attention (in the video I used a beserk dart to lower a brute's health to kill him with one shot of the pistol).

It seems Ubisoft tried to make it impossible for an Early Death because shortly before the scene the targets are invincible to attacks, although there aren't for a split second before the scene starts (during that split second they change from yellow to red in eagle vision).

You don't actually see the kill, but you hear the sound of the blades. further proof is the glitched scene!

Completely Stealthy Pacifist Run

The goal is to be as stealthy as possible, the closest thing to a mysterious death. This means no yellow or red social status indicators. Start off by entering the place from the right. Sometimes I've gotten seen; it might have been because I wasn't fast enough or there might be some luck involved. After climbing the mansion stay to the left of the archer. There are two guards patrolling the backyard area. Move when their backs are turned and you won't have any trouble.

Now for the assassination. I chose a low profile fist kill because it was non lethal and matched the "mysterious" description. I may not be an expert on strangling, but I'd be willing to bet it can be done without leaving any marks.

"Employee of the Month"

For the fun of it I wanted to try killing the target with a beserked guard. the closest guard patrolling the backyard area is the best option, but it will take luring to get him to directly go after the target. When he comes from one side of the patrol he temporarily stops by the alarm bell. From the stalking zone you are close enough to attract him with a whistle. I took out the other guard by the back of the house because the beserked guard might go after him instead, depending on whether he or the target is closer.

When in combat with the poisoned guard the target gets in a battle stance but makes no attempt to attack (also if you poison the target to fight you he won't attack either.) Now for a surprise. By doing this I managed to complete an Abstergo challenge and got the Employee of the Month achievement for completing twenty five Abstergo challenges.

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The Ghost of the Sistine Chapel

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Killing the brutes in the Sistine Chapel is tricky because if they are in sight of other brutes when they die you desynch (with the exception of poison). Here are two old methods of emptying out the place.

Now while playing around in there I happened upon a glitch. You can get away with regular kills on the guards if done right. Also you can do it without even being seen (no yellow bars).

When you get in the room climb along the wall and lock onto one of the brutes in the middle. Now keep that lock and get back to the entrance of the room. Throw a knife. The brute reacts by searching a nearby group of civilians. After throwing the second knife immediately leave the room. If you get far enough away you won't desynch. You'll know the exact boundary line because it's when you can't hear Rodrigo. Now if you enter the room with the dead body in there you'll desynch. To remedy that get far enough away to make the body disappear (thanks to IanXO4 for explaining that in his video).

Now when you enter the place you can get away with killing the guards in front of each other, even with the hidden gun. Just remember that if you get detected you will still desynch.

With throwing knives you can kill Rodrigo and quickly pick up his body. However he still respawns after the memory corridor.

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"Honor, Lost and Won" - Stunts & Observations

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I knew a same theme on this forums, but I always unable to watch it, and I don't know what's differences between my video and that one. So I decided to make this.

In addition, I have tried many times Long Shot, which has a very close, but I messed up because I forgot to taken his health to a minimum, so that shot is not enough to kill him.

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Remove Greaves in AC2 (Xbox 360)

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Until recently it was thought greaves were the one piece of armor that had to be carried around. Here is how to remove them.

This was inspired by the same concept of removing armor by MAGLX n ACB.


The trick is Skipping, discovered by Hit468 which as far as we know only works on Xbox 360.
How Skipping works is you replay a memory on a save file, then sign out of your Xbox account and back in. This gets you out of the game. If you go on to a different save, when you start the game up you are in the replay of the same memory. What's more is when you are in that replay the game thinks you are as far in the game as the other save file. Replaying a memory from a save early in the game removes armor because the game knows you shouldn't have any armor at that time. Here are a few things to keep in mind to make it work right.

1. Equip a different pair of greaves other than the leather ones. This is because if you have the leather ones equipped you still see them after the replayed memory, even though the game says you have none equipped.
2. The memory you replay from has to be early in the game, before you have to buy the greaves, but also after you get the assassin outfit. This is because if you do a replay from before you get the outfit, after the replay it will reequip the assassin outfit along with anything else you had equipped beforehand, including the greaves.
3. The save from which you choose to remove the greaves can't be too far in the game. I think the reason for this is some of the upgrades might change your appearance, such as the second hidden blade. Therefore when you leave the replay it will change your appearance back to how it was, reequipping anything you had beforehand. The save I used in this video for replaying is sometime after getting the assassin outfit; and the save I removed the greaves from is right after assassinating Vieri.

You also have to complete the replayed memory. Exiting the replay won't remove the greaves.

Another thing to keep in mind is this also removes throwing knives from the weapon wheel permanently. I'm not sure if there is a way to get them back (perhaps removing the greaves before getting throwing knives from Mario might do the trick).

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Airwalk to Air Assassinate

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Airwalk to air assassinate is made possible by the throwing knife glitch (it has been patched, so you would have to delete the update to still use it). Basically start airwalking and when an enemy is in range (locking on isn't required) switch to your hidden blade(s) using the weapon wheel and mash the attack button to air assassinate when getting out of the weapon wheel.

This is demonstrated on some targets. First the Pazzi conspirators, excluding Stephano da Bagnone who was a challenge to air assassinate since he walked under a building roof throughout his entire travel route.

Bernardo Baroncelli is simple enough. Airwalk from a nearby roof into his path.

The setup for Francesco Salviati is about the same as for the stunt IanXO4 did a while back.

For Antonio Maffei I use the airwalk glitch as a shortcut reaching the tower the target's on. At the start of the mission climb up the nearby tower and airwalk in the direction of the target. Now this causes an inconsistency in the game because the mercenary tells Ezio that Antonio Maffei is on the city's tallest structure, and yet the tower you airwalk from is a little higher. The actual assassination doesn't end in an air assassination because you get seen before reaching the target, causing him to jump to the railing where he can't be assassinated while in a crouching position.

Francesco de' Pazzi is used as an example of air tackling since he can't be air assassinated. And speaking of which I had some stuff recorded I put in this video since that was the only way it would see the light of day. I had investigated a possible Early Death on Francesco right before the assassination, but it failed.

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Full synchronization speedrun of AC2 in 7:09:51

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Part 01:
Part 02:
Part 03:
Part 04:
Part 05:
Part 06:
Part 07:
Part 08:
Part 09:
Part 10:
Part 11:
Part 12:
Part 13:
Part 14:

Welcome to my speedrun of Assassin's Creed II 100% sync in 7 hours, 9 minutes and 51 seconds. The completion rate taken into account is the one shown in stats/overall; which means all side memories have to be done additionally to the main sequences (beat-ups, races, assassinations, courier missions, tombs and lairs). This run features save warping, and it is tagged new game +, so that 25 knives are available.

I started the project in summer 2013, began to record in january 2014 and finished on 2014-04-05. I wish to thank everyone from TheHiddenBlade for their continuous support (they will recognize themselves), and people from SDA for their awesome work, as well as verifiers.

This run was done on PC with every possible DLC and extra. I used a Logitech controller to play, and Fraps software to record. There is a total of 157 segments, finishing either with a save ("quit") or assuming the save from the previous checkpoint ("exit to windows").

Timing note: what is shown is the in-game time (from the stats menu), but it doesn't take into account all the time you can not press start and see the stats. Which means all loading times and outside animus events (including Altaïr's memory in Acre) don't add anything to the final time. Nevertheless, creating a segment adds about 3 seconds to the in-game time, so I did it only when the warp saves more than 5 seconds, or when the difficulty/randomness/length was high enough.

A particular thing to mention about the assassinations: there are several places from where you can start one, but for each there is a default pigeon cage assigned; if you reload the checkpoint you will spawn there, and this is used in the run of course. Before moving on to the details, I would like to mention the planning was pretty hard, but I believe the run is now quite optimized from every point of view . This is actually the main point of the commentary, especially when comparing to my any% warpless run.

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Remove All Armor in Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood

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An Easy Way to Remove All Armor (Even Shoulder)

Finally, after a long time of testing, I found this method by my self. So far, it seems to be the most simple and effective way to remove all armor, and this is the first public guide video of this method on Internet. I know there are so many gamers all over the world that they really want to know this, so this is my first time self-suggestion front-page.

But, here are a few problems I need your help guys. Firstly, I need you to test whether it is viable on PS3 or Xbox 360, because I only do it on my PC. In addition, I need you to discuss it and to provide a more accurate annotations in English, because my English too poor, I'm not sure my annotations are qualified.

The step-by-step procedures:

(Don't forget to backup your saves before you trying this method.)
Step 1. Complete all the lairs of Romulus (Any%).
Step 2. Go to unlock the armor of Romulus.
Step 3. After Ezio wearing the new armor, pressing the PAUSE button when the cutscene switching to white screen. You can refer to the timing from my video.
Step 4. DNA menu ─> Loading Sequence 2 Memory 3.
Step 5. Talk with Machiavelli Niccolo and accept the mission, you can skip the cutscene.
Step 6. Now Machiavelli Niccolo want you to follow him, ignore him, just exit the replay.
Step 7. Exit the menu and return to Rome, it's done!

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Woodes Rogers assassination variety pack

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Since the assassination in memory 1 of sequence 12 has a relatively high amount of freedom (Except for the detection desync sadly) I decided to make a compilation of cool/unique ways of killing him.

The set-ups of most of the assassinations are included in the video so detailed explanations aren't really neccesary.

In the video you can see that I get rid of 3 dancers before luring the target, this is because guiding 1 NPC is easier than guiding 4.

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George Washington's Death in Sequence 9

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Near the beginning of sequence 9 you meet up with Commander George Washington. After the scene you can talk to him two more times, then the fun begins.

After talking to Washington all you can, he can be targeted with a ranged weapon. This doesn't kill him of course, but does cause him to momentarily disappear as well as every time you move him.

You'll have to deal with the soldiers in that area of course. After that start moving him west toward water. Yes, drowning still works as a way of killing when all else fails. He may try to run away, but I just shoot him again and that seems to help.

Also it seems the optional conversation with Washington after the scene might be available only once in the game. I tried talking to him again a second time during a replay, and the option wasn't available.

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AC IV - Contracts

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Seeing as though the last video I posted on this site was front paged, I just thought you guys might appreciate the current series of AC IV videos I'm doing... Pls feel free to leave a comment, give feedback and ask questions.

Hope you enjoy Smile

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